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OSCAR Foundation is a community based Sports for Development (S4D) organisation that uses the power of football to encourage children to stay in school and equip them with skills to make them resilient and future ready. Through its Football, Education and Young Leader programmes, we have empowered 14,000 children and youth in low-income communities in India since 2010.



Community Center

Safe spaces where children from our programme can access digital education in addition to other facilities for learning and development

Young Leaders

A youth leadership initiative to mould youth into community leaders and inspire the next generation of OSCAR children

Enabling Change

A S4D initiative that delivers football sessions to children with disabilities

Football Excellence

A project aimed at providing world class football coaching and holistic support to children from our programmes who show the potential to become professional football players.


Vision & Mission


A world where all children and youth have an equal opportunity to succeed.


We use the power of football and a network of Young Leaders to develop life skills and improve educational attainment for children from underprivileged communities in India.

Our SDG's

Every Child Deserves a
Better Future!

Every Child Deserves a Better Future!

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In The News


We Care for Children of African Countries

Problem Scale

Children of Africa: Living Conditions

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Volunteer Testimonials

Thanks to you, I was able to participate in a very important charity event. Thank you!

Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore

Austin, TX

Thanks! It was nice to help those in need. I believe that we are doing a great good deed!

Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee

Hartford, CT

I am so glad that I was able to visit Africa and help starving children. I would like to go again!

Sam Green

Sam Green

New York, NY

I have long wanted to take part in visiting Africa and doing charity work. Thank you!

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

Portland, OR

It is unacceptable that in our time there are starving children. I am glad to help them!

Nick Carter

Nick Carter

Boston, MA

Building a Better Future

Let's build the future together!

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